Femme Fatale is a small independent online retailer for artisan beauty products. Established in 2011, we’re based out of Brisbane Australia with a tight-knit, awesome team. In addition to being a primary distributor for national and international artisan cosmetics, we also produce our own range of cosmetics in-house.

Since 2011 we’ve made several expansions to our business which have seen Femme Fatale products available in USA, Canada, Singapore, EU regions and Russia. In addition to our international distributors, our workload has grown due to being able to provide our customers with a ‘one-stop-shop’ for their sought-after indies.



Working at Femme Fatale is a unique experience – there are not many companies like us in Australia. Being a small business with a handful of employees; coworker rapport is invaluable. Although each division has responsibility and self-management; the ability to work as a team is a must – as they say, “teamwork makes the dream work”. Was that too cringey? Haha, yes; but it’s the truth – a small business like Femme Fatale necessitates a positive, ‘can-do’ attitude.

Mutal respect, punctuality, responsibility and efficiency are all traits that are important to us as employers – we can run a tight ship, but that is what makes us functional and efficient. We implement regular team training for our procedures, and we also cover the training expenses for certain certifications you may need to be employed with us.

We’re a company that strives to create a happy and caring environment for our staff – we actually do care, very much so, about the well-being of our team. Being a smaller business, friendships are formed that hatch a fun, easy-going workplace with lots of laughter, bad puns and tons of memes. And in case you are wondering; yes – we do have pizza Fridays, cake on your birthday, staff parties, spontaneous Doughtnut Time treats plus the added perks of free products now and then. Our display section (especially the perfumes) are regularly tested by the staff, thus our office often smells confusing… but beautiful.

Although some roles here may serve as merely a stepping stone for a future career; many of our positions benefit from people who want a secure position over the long term. It’s important to us that we foster a positive relationship creating employee independence – where you have the capabilities to operate your division without stress. We highly support training employees to their best potential; and ensuring that performance and learning continues as the business grows and evolves.


Dispatch Officer, full-time