TAT 5-10 working days

We ship all items worldwide! Orders with POLISH can ship with either DHL Express (checkout as normal, 3 bottle minimum) or via USPS which is a cheaper option with NO minimum (see Parcel Forwarding under 'More' in navigation to enable USPS rates).


Parcel Forwarding

$1.10 Free!


Adding this item to cart will unlock the Parcel Forwarding rates to ship via our USA warehouse to you. It will NOT give you free shipping. Any GST charges on the insurance will be removed at checkout. THIS IS A CHEAPER OPTION FOR NAIL POLISH ORDERS.

It is important that you read ALL information on shipping and prices, please scroll below to do so.

Parcel Insurance

Optional, but recommended. Scroll below for more information.


Parcel Forwarding is a virtual item that when you add to cart, will apply a new set of shipping rates to your order. To remove these rates and show the shipping costs of direct shipping (us to you), remove this item from your cart.

Parcel Shipping is a service we a now providing where your order goes through these steps:

  1. Order has stock pulled and packed
  2. Order is placed into DHL box with other orders also utilising this feature
  3. Box is shipped to our USA warehouse
  4. USA warehouse dispatches order to you via USPS

How long will it take?

Shipments via our warehouse must be done in bulk to be cost effective. The time between your order placement and dispatch to our US warehouse is dependent on:

  1. How many other orders we need to fill your DHL box before we can dispatch
  2. Whether Femme Fatale presale items are in your order. Although we aim for a quick TAT, presale items do have a longer shipping timeframe than other items in the store.

It is important to note that there is also a time-frame for the parcel once it leaves our warehouse and arrives to the US warehouse (so before it’s actually dispatched to you with USPS). Unfortunately things like clearing customs and warehouse processing times are outside our control.

Although we will always do our best to ship to you as quickly as possible, please do take the above information into account as far as transit times are concerned. If you need your order to arrive to you speedily, we recommend utilising our DHL Express Worldwide shipping option. Although more expensive, transit is usually under a week and live tracking is also provided.

Is the parcel forwarding service right for you?

  • If you are buying cosmetics, we recommend you do not ship using the Parcel Forwarding service. Cosmetic orders can be shipped directly to you from our AU warehouse starting from $6.00 AUD. We ship our cosmetics worldwide.
  • If you live in the USA and are buying polish, then this option is fantastic for you.
  • If you live in Canada or internationally, this option is great for smaller polish orders.
  • You don’t just have to order polish either, you can order any items you like. A reminder though that if your order does not contain polish, we recommend it ship directly from us to you (so do not add this item to cart).

How much does Parcel Forwarding cost? Will it match USPS rates?

No, the price will be higher than the postage cost displayed on your parcel when it arrives. The reason for this is that the displayed cost is the postage from the US warehouse to you. The shipping price we charge the customer includes:

  1. The cost to get the item from us in Australia to the US warehouse
  2. The handling and label fee the US warehouse charges us
  3. The postage cost the US warehouse charges to physically ship the item with USPS

For US addresses postage starts from $5.60 AUD and increases as the order weight does. Example, 3 bottles of polish will be $8.50 AUD to ship; 8 bottles around $15.5o AUD. Remember that the currency conversion also works in your favour.

Shipping rates start from $14.50 AUD to Canada, and $20 AUD internationally. If you are looking to place a large order, we recommend you ship directly via DHL. Most DHL delivery time-frames are within 5 working days and offer live tracking.

To determine the postage rates for your order, enter your address at checkout. You can do this with or without this item in your cart to see what works cheaper for you.

There a no minimum requirements other than our usual store-wide $8 minimum spend. You may purchase 1 or several polishes, or a mixed order of polish and cosmetics etc, while using this service.

Insurance and tracking:

All orders shipped via Parcel Forwarding will have USPS tracking attached once dispatched from the US warehouse. We will provide these details to you once we receive them. Insurance is optional, but we recommend it. You can purchase insurance at the same time you add this item to cart, from the selection above.

Note – the insurance we offer is external from the post system. It is a fee that is optional for you to pay when using the Parcel Forwarding Service. If you do add it to your parcel, it ensures that we will refund or replacement your order should it go missing in transit. However it is important for us to clarify that it is not insurance that is added to your parcel when lodged with USPS, it is purely an extra service we can offer you.

Orders that have tracking show the parcel as delivered will not be refunded/replaced unless insurance is purchased to the value of your merchandise.


Weight 20.00 g

Product Enquiry

ALL product descriptions and information is provided by the brand. Although we strive to provide you with an accurate portrayal of the product, please keep in mind many factors are subjective. What we have listed as ‘microglitter’ may be described by the customer as just a ‘glitter’ or ‘texture’; an ‘emerald green’ may be seen as a ‘rich teal’ by the customer. Our product swatches are picked carefully by our team, but please remember that swatches are also subjective to application technique and lighting. While every attempt is made to accurately portray all product colours, variations from what you see on your screen compared to what you see with your own eyes are inevitable due to individual monitor settings. If you are unsure as to if a product is suitable for you, we encourage you to contact us via the ‘Product Enquiry’ tab, we are more than happy to assist you wherever we can. We also encourage customers to view our review tab (if applicable), and to visit the site of the swatcher (linked at base of 'description' tab, if applicable). Most swatchers review their products, and their firsthand experience & product knowledge is valuable!