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Sycamore Sugarworks

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Sycamore Sugarworks Perfume Oil by Solstice Scents.
Caramelized Pear Tarts, Banana Apple Muffins, Spice Cakes With Rum Glaze, Cream Puffs & Maple Walnut Pastries. Find a full scent description in the listing information below.


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Full Scent Description

Sycamore Sugarworks is the local bakery in the town of Foxcroft. It features an array of sweet treats, coffee, chai and friendly small town chatter. A tinkling bell on the door signals your ingress. The bakery is warm as goodies are still making their way out of the oven. Shrugging off your coat, you are immediately aware of the myriad of sugary scents swirling around you: fruit danish, butter cream icing, fresh maple candies, spice breads, biscotti and many more goodies are offered on trays and stands of varying size.

Sycamore Sugarworks fragrance contains a melange of varying desserts and their components. Notes of white sugar, pear, maple, brown sugar, caramel, banana, vanilla, pecan, clove, rum, apple and pastry collide to create an incredibly sweet decadent dessert fragrance. On cold sniff, pear, caramel, banana and a touch of rum glazed spice cakes are in the foreground hovering above a base of the pure sugar, maple, caramel, brown sugar, pastry and vanilla cream puffs. After a few minutes on the skin, the fruits soften as they are smothered in the warm brown notes of caramel and maple. Sycamore Sugarworks does morph, however, its profile is consistently sweet throughout, especially after the pear and banana top notes disappear. This blend has only a minimal amount of spice that is primarily detected in the first few minutes of wear. The dry down is warm, sugary, slightly buttery with a hint of vanilla cream puffs and a faint trace of spice.

Product Information

Ingredients: Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Oil, Fragrance (may include essential oils).
 Approx 5ml packaged in a glass vial with protective box.
Other: Our Perfume oils are all Vegan with the exception of Inquisitor, which contains beeswax absolute.
Application tip: If your roller ball runs dry during application, remove black cap, hold your bottle vertically with roller ball pointing to the ground and forcefully shake/thrust the bottle down one time to replenish the oil in the well. Now it is ready to reapply to your skin.

Storage and Shelf Life

Most of our perfume oils are good for several years.  We use rice bran oil as a carrier oil.  Due to rice bran’s high anti-oxidant content, it has a very good shelf life.
Storing your oils appropriately will affect the shelf life.  Be careful to store your Solstice Scents products, especially perfumes, out of direct sunlight and in a cool place as heat and light can age the products.

Safety Precautions for Pregnant or Nursing Mothers

Solstice Scent’s opinion is to avoid all fragranced and/or essential oil products while pregnant or nursing, especially in the first trimester.  You may do your own research on the safety of using perfumes and fragrances while pregnant or nursing.  Essential oils, fragrances and absolutes may pass into the bloodstream and may even cross the placental barrier.  Not all oils are of concern, but Mothers should be cautious, especially in the first tri-mester.  Some essential oils stimulate menstruation, are abortifacient, lower blood pressure and produce a myriad of other effects internally and externally and it is advised you exercise caution and be informed.  Products which contain oils that we are aware should not be used while pregnant or nursing contain a warning at the top of the listing, above the description, though we still feel that unscented products are better for pregnant or nursing mothers.  You may also wish to spray your perfumes conservatively on clothing instead of wearing them directly on the skin or try a few sprays of Glace combed through your dry hair or a little of the perfume oil rubbed in your hair.

About Solstice Scents

Solstice Scents started serving the local Gainesville, FL area in 2004. We originally sold soap, lotion, salts, candles, body oil, loose hand blended incense powders, dream pillows, eye pillows and neck pillows. We took our orders on order forms printed on parchment paper, hand wrote all of our tags and attached them with satin ribbon and
affixed our familiar mastic tree labels to bottles with rubber cement. Customers were able to select ala carte fresh made items directly off the order form, including customizing candle color or fabric choices. Bath salts were offered in upcycled Monin syrup bottles from the coffee shop Angela used to work at, topped with corks ordered from a wine supplier.

The business has evolved significantly since that time, though the same spirit, inspiration and aesthetic is infused into each item. While we no longer offer custom made items, all products are made with the same attention to detail and in small batches to ensure freshness. Our labels are designed in house with the original mastic tree
logo. The labels are applied by hand to the products. Each fragrance is still handwritten on the product label to this day.

Weight 25.00 g

1 review for Sycamore Sugarworks

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    This is so delicious that it makes me want to eat myself. Beautiful, cozy, spicy goodness that starts out sweet and fruity before mellowing into the scent of baking cookies on a Sunday morning. This is what I’d imagine Kowalski from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them would smell like.

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