Since 2011 Femme Fatale has worked with a number of private individuals & companies to sponsor a variety of events, from goodie bag sponsorships through to raising money for charities.

Limited trio of which $5 per bottle sold went to Astrid Ehrnholm to assist with heart surgery fees. We had an amazing $1,278.00 raised!

Exclusive pink duo, Delicate Scarlet & Ruby Shards, donated to Mei Mei Signature’s Charity Raffle for Club Rainbow in loving memory of Teh Siao Yuan

$675 raised for Autism Spectrum Australia through a donation of a custom Femme Fatale polish for the Paint it Blue! 2013 auction.

$676 raised for SANDS Australia through a donation of a custom duo for the Wave of Polish 2013 auction.

We can supply product from our range, work to your direction for exclusive shades or follow our own creative process to create a personal contribution for your event.


Over the past few years we have worked with a handful of fundraisers, and are thankful for the opportunity to create special pieces and one-off shades which raise money for great causes.
Unfortunately we are often limited in how often we can contribute (remember, we’re a team of two!), however we are always interested in and look forward to receiving information on how Femme Fatale can work with you in creating a unique donation for your auction or raffle.

Industry Sponsorships (Samplers & Goodie Bags)

We have worked with a handful of beauty samplers in the last year including Lust Have It! & GDE. Please contact us with your company information and a clear outline of what you would like from Femme Fatale.
We have also worked with a few promotional companies contributing to gift bags for select events such as Adelaide Beauty Conference 2012, Miss Indy Competition 2011 Toowoomba & Miss Swimsuit Model Competition 2012 Toowoomba. if you are interested in having Femme Fatale sponsor your event please contact us with your company information & sponsorship requirements.

Print & Media Opportunities

Femme Fatale was featured in FAMOUS Magazine (Sept 14) and Auxilary magazine (2013). We’re most interested in further print opportunities; please contact us with company information and requirements.

Sponsoring Social Media Giveaways

We receive frequent requests to donate product or vouchers to giveaways held by people in the beauty community. Please understand we unfortunately cannot accept all requests, though we do take care to consider each one.

If you’re working with a number of other companies or have a large reach across your SM platforms, please do feel free to include that information & any relevant statistics when contacting us.

Additional information on securing Femme Fatale as a sponsor

Please note that we cannot accept last-minute sponsorship requests for over 50+ items especially if they’re custom and not part of our regular range.
Lead time for sponsorships or donations must be 4 weeks excluding transit times. Large quantities (300+) may require longer – as all our items are made by hand with a team of two, we’re sure you can understand that our processing times are longer than manufactured companies.