2018 Polish Releases

The Witches
Anniversary Trio
NeverEnding Story
Fire Lily
Green Gables
Enchanted Fables (Villains)
Goddess Trio (Valentine)

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The Witches - Inspired by the 1990 dark fantasy film of the same name. Released November 1st 2018. Discontinued.

Limited edition Anniversary Trio - Inspired by the body and affliction. Released October 1st 2018. Discontinued.

NeverEnding Story - Inspired by the fantasy film released in 1984 of the same name. Released August 1st 2018.

Fire Lily - Inspired by the Pellinor series by Australian author Alison Croggon. Released May 1st 2018. Discontinued.

Green Gables - Inspired by the Anne of Green Gables novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery (1908). Released April 1st 2018. Discontinued.

Enchanted Fables - Inspired by some of our favourite villains from several classic sources/writers. Released February 1st 2018. Discontinued.

Limited edition Valentine Collection - the Goddess Trio. Named after three Greek Goddess/Muses, each with different virtues around love and romance. Released January 7th 2018. Discontinued.