2019 Polish Releases

Whole New World
Sanctum Trio 1 & 2 (Anniversary)
The Craft
Practical Magic
Chilling Adventures
Now & Then
Enchanted Fables (Princes & Heros)
Poison Garden (Valentine)

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L'Escarpolette - inspired by The Swing painting (or The Happy Accidents of the Swing) by Jean-Honoré Fragonard. Released December 1st 2019.

Whole New World inspired by the '94 Disney Aladdin movie and included Enchanted Fables re-release 'Jasmine' from 2016. Released November 1st 2019.

8th Anniversary Trios. Sanctum Vol 2 is new, Sanctum Vol 1 is a 2015 re-release. Released October 1st 2019.

The Craft - Inspired by the '96 movie of the same name. Released September 1st 2019.

Practical Magic - Inspired by the '98 movieof the same name. Released July 1st 2019. Discontinued

Jumanji - Inspired by the '95 movie series of the same name. Released June 1st 2019. Discontinued

Chilling Adventures - Inspired by the Netflix series of the same name. Released May 1st 2019. Discontinued

Jawbreaker - Inspired by the 1999 movie of the same name. Released April 1st 2019. Discontinued.

Now & Then - Inspired by the 1995 movie of the same name. Released March 1st 2019. Discontinued.

Enchanted Fables - Inspired by some of our favourite princes & heroes from several classic sources/writers. Released February 1st 2019. Discontinued.

Limited edition Valentine Collection - the Poison Garden Trio. Released January 7th 2019. Discontinued.