2020 Polish Releases

Tinsel Vol 1
White Witch Vol 2
Unrequited Love
Arizona Dusk
Re-release of older shades (July)
Stockist Exclusives re-release (June)
Sweet Dreams
Enchanted Fables (Locations)
Gemstone Sparks
Sweet as Candy (Valentine)

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Tinsel Vol 1 - Inspired by luminescent glimmers from tinsel, metallic shred, glass decorations on trees, bauble wreaths, wrapping paper and tinsel bows. Released December 1st 2020. Discontinued.

White Witch Vol 2 - Inspired by Queen Jadis from the Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis; a follow up to the original 2015 release. Released November 1st 2020. Discontinued.

Valtat Collection - Inspired by 'Tulips in a Vase' by Louis Valtat (a French painter and printmaker, 1869-1952). Released October 1st 2020. Discontinued.

Unrequited Love Collection - Inspired by the painting ‘Boreas Abducting Oreithyia’ (1822) by Joseph-Ferdinand Lancrenon. Released September 1st 2020. Discontinued.

Arizona Dusk Collection - Inspired by the Grand Canyon oil painting by Benjamin C Brown. Released August 1st 2020. Discontinued.

Darkwood Collection - LE release of Oops & new colours inspired by WoW zones. Released May 1st 2020. Discontinued.

Sweet Dreams Collection - Inspired by Care Bears. Released April 1st 2020. Discontinued.

Irises Collection - Inspired by a Vincent Van Gogh painting of the same name. Released March 1st 2020. Discontinued.

Enchanted Fables - Inspired by some of our favourite locations from several classic sources/writers. Released February 1st 2020. Discontinued.

Gemstone Sparks. A re-release of 2012 Gemstone shades with a holographic twist. Released January 7th 2020. Discontinued.

Limited edition Valentine Collection - the Sweet as Candy Trio. Released January 7th 2020. Discontinued.