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As of August 1st our Emporium Beauty Box is getting a makeover!

Are you excited? We’re excited! After a year of finding out what works and what doesn’t, we’re ready to upgrade our Emporium to make it more beneficial for you.
Our Emporium no longer a subscription service – instead we have 4 Emporium ‘packets’ released each month in limited quantities:

Aroma Emporium (3 wax melts, candles, room sprays)
Bath + Body Emporium (3 bath/shower and personal care items)
Beauty Emporium (3 different beauty products for the face)
Perfume Emporium (3 perfume samples)

By changing it from one box with a higher price tag and the risk of you getting products you won’t enjoy, we’ve split it up into smaller more affordable bundles where you can really pick and choose what types of products you think you will get the most use out of. Participating brands will be announced prior to release, along with the theme and the price. The products themselves, and any fragrance/colour descriptions, will remain a mystery until you unwrap it.

General FAQ

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact our customer care for assistance.

The Emporium packets will be a monthly release instead of a subscription service. Each month is themed, and the packets are available in limited quantities.
Each type (Aroma, Perfume, Beauty etc) is limited to one per person, but you can buy one of each category if you like.

Emporiums are released at 9am AEST on the 15th of each month for Premium Beauty Collective members. Not a member? Sign up here.
The remainder of Emporium packets are open to all other customers from 9am AEST 16th (the following day) of each month.
You can find the Emporium listings here each month; and once in stock you may add-to-cart like any other item we carry. This means Emporium packets can be combined with other cart items or can be included in Group Buys (applicable for Fiend members).
Emporium packets are final sale items, meaning they will not be cancelled or refunded for change of mind. Any damaged or missing goods are refunded in accordance with our regular store policy.

Pricing & Payment
Emporiums will be priced as any other item we stock in our shop. This means we will have a fluid pricing depending on what items are on offer that month. Our general ballpark is around $10-$30 AUD before postage. Please remember that our prices are based off of the brand’s wholesale rate after currency conversion, shipping and import tax; in addition to some products having a higher wholesale rate than others – so there are a few factors which contribute to how each packet is priced. All products are exclusive and custom made as well, so you won’t find them elsewhere.
We accept payment via PayPal (account or credit card); and store credit/reward points may also be redeemed.
Join our Beauty Collective Premium membership to get 30% off your first purchase of each Emporium packet!

Customers are billed for postage at checkout. The cost of shipping may vary depending on the weight of the packet each month, other cart items and of course your location. Emporium packets do not contain dangerous goods, so they can be shipped via Aus Post or Fastway (Australia) or Air Mail (International).
The price of shipping is NOT included in the Emporium packet pricing.
All Emporium orders will be subject to our regular store TAT – as always this is affected by presale items you purchase in your order, or if you opt to have it shipped in a group buy.

Discounts & Rewards
Store credit, Birthday Coupons (for Beauty Collective Premium members) and Reward Points may be applied to Emporium packets. In addition customers who sign up for the Beauty Collective (Premium or Standard) receive 30% off each of the four Emporium packets, available for a one time use on EACH.
No other promotions will apply to Emporium items unless specified otherwise.
Not a member? Sign up here.

Product Information
As always we strive to curate our packets to be completely vegan. However, to be able to offer a wider variety of products and brands we have opted to occasionally include products which are non-vegan. This will apply to the occasional lip/bath/body products. We will always disclose if an Emporium packet contains a non-vegan product – this will be clearly listed before launch so that customer may opt out of a purchase if they like to remain vegan-only.
All products that we source for the Emporium will be cruelty-free and handmade by small independent businesses.
All packets will contain ingredients and safety-of-use.
Sizing will be primarily sample and mini sizes, with full sizes on occasion.

Each Emporium packet will have a variety of contributing brands each month; and as each month has a theme all the products within the packet will be custom produced and exclusively available through us. Want to buy full sizes? Customers who purchase 5 or more Emporium packets (of any category) per cycle (May-April annually) may join a FREE membership that grants access to an exclusive annual July 10th sale where you can purchase select Emporium products in full size. See more below.

Emporium Membership ($0 annually)
You must purchase a minimum of 5 Emporium packets between May-April each year to be added as a member. Being a member gives you access to the annual Emporium Sale on July 10th where you are able to buy full-sizes and any extras left from the Emporium packets released between those dates.
Members are polled in April via newsletter to see which items we should bring back for the July 10th sale. If you are not signed up to the newsletter, you won’t have the chance to vote.
Want to join? Contact us here with your 5 order numbers (that contain Emporium items from May 2018 onwards). Memberships reset every May 1st.