Gift Vouchers

Send a voucher to yourself, a friend or multiple friends!

Our gift vouchers apply to all products, including shipping, and are a fantastic gift for those who like to pick their own pretties.

Available for purchase here from $25 AUD

How To

How do I send a voucher?

To allocate either one or many vouchers simply enter the recipient’s email address during checkout with the associated voucher amount. Here is an example:

GV example

Who can use the voucher?

The voucher is automatically set to a specific email address, either the one you have entered during checkout (the recipient’s) or if you chose to send it to yourself it is then set to your own email address (the one you have used to check out with). Please be very careful when entering this information during checkout to ensure the email addresses are accurate.

It is important that your receiver knows to use the email address that the voucher was sent to when checking out with their order. If they try to use an alternate email address the gift voucher will not work.

Tip: A voucher locked to an email with an account on this site will have the voucher tracked and shown in the account page.


All vouchers are valid for 12 months only. Refunds are not applicable for expired vouchers. If you are purchasing a voucher for a friend, please be sure to let them know of the expiry date.

I lost my gift voucher code, how can I get a copy?

  1. If you have an account on our website you will be able to access this information from your account page, providing the voucher is locked to your account.
  2. You can contact us for a copy, however we will need you to email from the same email account that is locked to the voucher (for verification purposes).

If my total is less than my voucher, will the remainder be available for use next time?

Yes. The voucher amount is automatically updated on our back-end every time you use it. If you have a voucher for $50 and make a $25 purchase, the remaining amount that can be used next time is $25. Once the full amount has been depleted the code automatically becomes invalid and can no longer be used.

Can I pick how much of my voucher I want to use on an order?

No we do not have this option unfortunately. It will use as much as possible automatically. Shipping is also covered under gift vouchers.

Will my voucher combine with discount codes?

This is subjective. A Gift Voucher is automatically set to combine with any other code. However, many codes that we set up manually in our system (for sales for example) are set to NOT combine with other codes. We cannot guarantee that your Gift Voucher will work with discount codes unfortunately.