This page outlines our terms & conditions of sale for preorder items. By purchasing a preorder item, you will be asked to agree to these terms – so please read carefully.

Purchase window and shipping ETA is always found here: Brand Preorder page

What is a preorder?

Purchasing a preorder item allows you to reserve a product before the stock is physically with us. This ensures that you will receive the product which otherwise you may have trouble securing, either because the brand does not ship to Australia or because it is in limited supply. 

We do not always restock every product that is listed for preorder, so we highly recommend you secure a product during a preorder rather than waiting to see if it becomes available later on. 

When can I buy a preorder item?

We run multiple preorders per month for various brands, usually upon their release of exciting new products! The window for a brand’s preorder is always listed here, on our Brand Preorder page. Preorders generally open at 9am AEST on the scheduled open date; and close 3pm AEST on the scheduled closure date. In most cases we will offer a new release as a set with a discount. We are Australian and use AEST (no daylight savings as we’re in QLD).

Where do I find preorder items?

Visit our navigation menu, go to ‘Preorders’ and view the list of items. If there are no brands listed, it means there are no active preorders. Check our Brand Preorder page for information on upcoming preorders.

When will my item ship?

All preorder items are subject to extended shipping window, as we must wait for the items to safely arrive to our warehouse. After the preorder window closes, we submit our order to the brand. They often ship to us within 2-3 weeks; and transit time is around another 3 weeks. It is safe to assume all preorder items will ship 6-8 weeks after purchase. But always check our Brand Preorder page for dates and notice of delays.

Can I buy different brand preorder items? Or non preorder items too?

Certainly. You can include any item type in your orders. Your order will wait for all items to arrive before it ships, however. If you wish to have your order split, and ship some sooner than later, a secondary postage charge will be payable. This will be organised manually, so please contact us for assistance.

Can I ship my non-preorder items now, and the preorder items when they arrive later?

Certainly – we can organise this for you! Please contact us here with your request. Note that an additional postage fee will be payable.

I would like to cancel a preorder item/s I purchased

Unfortunately we cannot cancel and refund preorder items. All preorder items are final sale. If you do not wish to purchase final sale items, we recommend you await the restock of the items – however we do not tend to restock ALL preorder items so you may miss out.

Combine orders from different preorder windows:

We offer a Order Hold service that allows you to shop at different times, and combine all orders within a 3 month window for shipping. Excess postage paid is refunded after shipping. Find out more on the Order Hold listing. This is ideal for shopping in different preorders :)

Will preorder items be restocked?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee all items that are available in a preorder will be restocked. We tend to order extra’s of the new releases; but general catalogue shades are not always restocked. 

When will extra stock from a preorder be on the site?

We usually try to get extra stock on the website within 3-5 business days (really depends on the time of month and how busy we are with dispatch). Check our Brand Preorder page because we put a tick next to ‘excess stock listed’ when we do the restock. 

What happens if there are stock delivery delays?

Due to COVID we do experience shipping delays with some brands. We email affected customers to keep them in the loop. Delays are often only 1-2 weeks. In extremely rare circumstances delays can be 4+ weeks; and we usually offer another item, a refund or the option to continue waiting.

How do I know my order is still being processed, it’s been weeks!

Check your account dashboard on the website, if your order status is ‘awaiting preorder stock’ that means the stock is yet to arrive. Once it does your order will ship and tracking will be sent to you, or if you wanted your order held the status will be updated to ‘on hold’. 

Can I request a certain brand preorder, or colour?

Certainly, please contact us here :)

Key terms on the Brand Preorder page:
Preorder Window: The timeframe during which you can order the available stock
ETA Ship-By Date: The approximate date we ship your preorder items to you.
Stock dispatched to Femme Fatale: Whether stock has shipped to us from the brand yet.
Stock shipped to buyers: Whether we have dispatched the stock to the customer yet.
Excess stock listed on website: Whether any leftover stock is on the site yet, after it arrives to us.

We offer worldwide shipping for all our store items.

  • Orders are processed between 6.30am-5pm Tues-Fri.
  • Customer service is available between 7am-4pm Tues-Fri.
  • Need help? contact us here