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Beauty Collective – Premium

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The Beauty Collective PREMIUM Membership

Read about the perks of the PREMIUM membership here.
The PREMIUM membership runs for 365 days and it NOT auto-renewed. It is a one-time purchase that gives you access to member-only sales, promotions & items.
To continue to have access to this membership once it expires, you will need to re-purchase this item. The price for this membership is in AUD, and for Australians GST will apply at checkout.

Please note Loyalty Lustres are not gained for membership purchases, and cannot be redeemed against the purchase either. Memberships are discount-free, though store credit can be used on them.
This item is virtual only. It can be purchased alone (no postage fee) or with other items if you like. Once you purchase this item, you will be signed up to the membership newsletter, and will automatically have access to the Members Area. The Members Area is a portion of the My Accounts page that shows the member lists of available content, products, discounts, and / or membership notes. For more information please view our Beauty Collective FAQ here.


There must be at least 3 weeks until your birth date to receive your gift this year. If it is under 3 weeks, your gift will be mailed next year, towards the end of your membership. A membership must be active to receive a birthday gift. If your details change at any time, please contact us immediately to update that information with us. Gifts sent to old or incorrect addresses will not be replaced.

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Product Enquiry

ALL product descriptions and information is provided by the brand. Although we strive to provide you with an accurate portrayal of the product, please keep in mind many factors are subjective. What we have listed as ‘microglitter’ may be described by the customer as just a ‘glitter’ or ‘texture’; an ‘emerald green’ may be seen as a ‘rich teal’ by the customer. Our product swatches are picked carefully by our team, but please remember that swatches are also subjective to application technique and lighting. While every attempt is made to accurately portray all product colours, variations from what you see on your screen compared to what you see with your own eyes are inevitable due to individual monitor settings. If you are unsure as to if a product is suitable for you, we encourage you to contact us via the ‘Product Enquiry’ tab, we are more than happy to assist you wherever we can. We also encourage customers to view our review tab (if applicable), and to visit the site of the swatcher (linked at base of 'description' tab, if applicable). Most swatchers review their products, and their firsthand experience & product knowledge is valuable!