Cicada Song

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Cicada Song is a spectacular neon glitter topper. Packed with neon yellow hexes in various sizes and complemented with yellow iridescent glitters that flash golden-green and shift to blue at angle to the light. As this shade has neon glitters, we do want to advise that there may be some colour bleeding occurring over time – which may cause the base to get a yellow-ish tint. If you are not comfortable buying a glitter that may have some bleeding, we recommend you skip this shade for one of the other beauties that is released in this collection! :)
But please just be aware this may be a possibility with this shade. Although we do strive to source glitters that retain their vibrancy, unfortunately neons can be a little finicky and are subject to batch variances from the supplier as well.

Cicada Song will not reach opacity alone, unless you use the stamping technique. We highly recommend a glitter-suitable top coat, as this shade will dry textured.

Named after the Yellow Monday cicada – we have more than 200 species in Australia! Some large cicadas like the Yellow Monday and the Double Drummer produce a noise intensity more than 120 dB at close range (this is approaching the pain threshold of the human ear).

View live swatches here!

This shade is part of the Summer Days Collection, which is limited edition and available to purchase during this one preorder window. The Summer Days shades are inspired by an amazingly talented artist, Polly Kimm. Her work is primarily of Australian countryside. I’m immediately drawn to her almost-neon splashes of colour amidst the more iconic dusty ‘dirty’ greens and browns of our country’s landscape. She takes our bushland and twists it into a dreamscape of fantastical colour play while keeping it distinctly recognisable as being Australian; and I really love how she executes this in her work.

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