Colour of the Month


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The Femme Fatale Colour of the Month is available now all in the one listing.

Our COTM for each month goes on sale from the 1st-5th of that month. After that it will not return unless there is over-pour. Any over-pour of colours will be added to this listing, so unfortunately if a colour isn’t available from the drop-down, it means it’s sold out. Please try our stockists to see if they have the COTM you’re after :)

2021 COTM has a great addition! The theme picked by our Fiend group is Gemstones; and we’re donating a portion of sales from each of the 12 COTM released this year to a charity of which the ribbon colour closely matches the shade we’ve made.

August 2021 – Malachite (green thermail with iridescent flakes, and glitters)

The green ribbon is associated with a lot of very worthy causes; this month it was difficult to pick a charity to donate to. We have gone with Pancare Foundation, a leading Australian charity committed to inspiring hope, raising awareness, supporting families and funding research for upper gastrointestinal (pancreatic, liver, stomach, biliary and oesophageal) cancers.

Here is a donation link if you would like to make your own donation; it is entirely optional though – no independent donation is required to purchase Malachite 😊
We will be donating $2 per bottle of direct sales; and $1 per bottle of wholesale sales to Pancare.

Want to be a part of creating our Colour of the Month? Join our Facebook group today! We have an annual theme that members can suggest inspiration images for, and win a $10 shop voucher!

Swatches by @your.girl.vee, @verysubject, @yyulia_m, @glitterfingersss @blossom.street,, @de_briz, @thepolishedmage, @xo.krista, @deepika5


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