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Dusk to Dawn Overnight Treatment Powder


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A mineral formula with skin-nourishing vitamins, herbal extracts and amino-acid rich silk powder. Doesn’t contain minerals that just make your skin “look” good… it contains ingredients that will make your skin ACT better. Active ingredients that provide beneficial purpose for your skin’s wellbeing.
Apply a thin layer of Dusk to Dawn before bedtime, and throughout the night, your own skin activates the host of skin-loving and nurturing ingredients.
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Product Information

Ingredients: Mineral concentrate powder, Silk powder, Zinc oxide, Vitamin C, Ectoin(TM), Emblica, Green tea extract, Spherical silica, Titanium dioxide, iron oxides. READ ABOUT THESE INGREDIENTS HERE. 
Size: This product is packaged in our “20 gram” clear sifter jar, which holds 7 grams net weight.

About Dusk to Dawn Overnight Treatment Powder

SHADE: Dusk to Dawn original is a close match for the shade called “Clear” in an alternate brand’s night time treatment. It is also available in a slightly deeper shade, Dusk to Dawn II.

How to use: Before bedtime, apply a thin layer to clean skin with a flocked sponge. If you wish to use a basic moisturizer, make sure that it is well-absorbed first. (I realize that many of you will wish to continue using your moisturizer or facial oils at bedtime… other night-time mineral treatments recommend that you forego your moisturizer altogether. I don’t feel that this is possible for all skintypes… or you may need to adjust your routine as you transition to this product. As the saying goes, “Your own mileage may vary”. You may find you need to continue with moisturization, you may find you don’t. It depends entirely on your own skintype, your age, the humidity of the environment in your home, etc…

We suggest that this be applied with a flocked sponge. We find that this offers the best mode of application due to the formulation of the product.

About Aromaleigh Cosmetics

Aromaleigh is a one woman business and formulator of artisan-crafted cosmetics. All products are proprietary and are independently handcrafted in small batches, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of South Carolina.
My collections are inspired by my special interests and passions, with a focus on fine art, nature, history, science and mythology. As a second generation Italian-American my love of Italy is also often evident!

Aromaleigh is pronounced “Aroma-lee” and was founded in Rochester, NY in the year 1998. My middle name is “Leigh”, so Aromaleigh it was! It initially started off as an aromatherapy/fragrance company and soon expanded to offer a full range of cosmetics. Aromaleigh products are never tested on animals and are proprietary formulations, never repackaged. I am vegan-friendly, and products that are vegan are marked. If you have a question about a specific color’s ingredients or use, please send a message! Carol, who handles my customer service portal will assist you.

Product swatches courtesy of Aromaleigh Cosmetics

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