Eye of Newt Incantare Whipped Body Butter

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Eye of Newt Incantare Whipped Body Butter Limited Edition Halloween 2018 release ‘Witches’ Brew’. Invoke softer skin.

Incantare is a nourishing whipped lotion with the consistency of a body butter. It is a heavier formula that is amazing on dry skin and in the winter months, but it is also great for hand and elbow/knee care if you prefer something else lighter in the warmer months for the rest of your body (we recommend our Anointment Body Balm as well!). Our whipped lotion is full of goodies for your skin including aloe vera, macadamia butter, shea butter, soya amino acids (for boosting moisture in your skin), calendula-infused oil (soothing), cocoa butter plus several different oils for hydration (avocado, sweet almond, rice bran).

Witches’ Brew products are named after ingredients from the witches’ incantation from Shakespeare’s Macbeth; and all the fragrances in this release are candy themed.

Fragrance blend: Giggling trick or treaters & sticky pink gum bubbles with notes of juicy strawberry, raspberry, banana & vanilla. This is a classic bubblegum fragrance – sweet and juicy.

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