Judgement Witchery Hair Tonic

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Judgement Witchery Hair Tonic from the Fall 2018 release ‘Greater Secrets’. Ensorcell your tresses. Witchery Hair Tonic is a leave-in serum designed to restore and promote health and shine to your hair.

Camellia Oil revitalises the appearance of hair while having a fast absorption properties; Avocado Oil is full of rich fatty acids which provide lasting nutrition; Argan Oil nourishes, moisturises and protects; Castor Oil aids in preventing split ends; Meadowfoam Seed Oil provides natural shine to your locks; Pracaxi Oil delivers intense hydration while smoothing and detangling; and Pequi Oil helps to restore lifeless hair and decrease frizziness.

Fragrance blend: Classic pumpkin pie with lemon zest, maple syrup glaze, fall spices, vanilla and brown sugar.
The syrupy sugar comes out strong and it’s sharply sweet, followed by the lingering of a citrus flourish. Rounded out by the gourmand pumpkin pie and spices, this fragrance is less weighty than others and likely to be a hit for people with a sweet tooth (or nose!). Notes of clove, nutmeg, pumpkin, vanilla, lemon zest, maple syrup and sugar.

This card is referred to as a time of resurrection and awakening, a time when a period of our life comes to an absolute end making way for dynamic new beginnings.

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