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Membership Program

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Introducing The BEAUTY COLLECTIVE, Femme Fatale’s Exclusive Membership Program for customers who want a little extra.

When you are a member of The Beauty Collective, you will enjoy:

  • 1-time payment for a full year’s membership
  • A gift for your birthday full of exclusive cosmetic goodies!
  • Receive 50% off your first Emporium box!
  • Bonus samples in each Emporium box you purchase!
  • Access to the once-yearly Beauty Collective sale full of new exclusives and excess Emporium stock. This is for members only!
  • An exclusive store sale/promotion, three times a year.
  • First access to the capped-quantity Emporium box add-ons.

Please scroll down past the ‘add to cart’ for further membership information.

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SKU: BC0001
  1. Price is subject to change without notice. In the event of a membership price increase, this will apply to newly joining members only. Once your membership expires, the new price will apply to you.
  2. Australian members will have GST applied at checkout.
  3. Purchase and payment of the Membership Program awards the buyer 1 year access to discounts, extra’s and members-only areas.
  4. The membership is not an automatic renewal; although we send an email reminder it is the member’s obligation to sign up again for the following 12 months.
  5. You will automatically be granted access to the membership area upon payment. This item is virtual; you will not receive a physical card or other directions. Once you have purchased and paid, you will find membership links added to your account in the navigation menu.
  6. Your email will be added to a membership-only newsletter which will advise you in advance of any upcoming sales or other important information. We highly recommend you do NOT unsubscribe to this.
  7. Discount coupons or reward points are not applicable to this purchase; and reward points are not issued for the purchase.
  8. Membership cancellation is available; the remainder of your membership (1 month = $4.16) is refunded to you as STORE CREDIT only with a 12 month expiry date. Cancellation applies from the month following the request.
  9. Your day and month of birth is required for purchase; this is so we know when to send your gift to you. Please make sure your mailing address is updated; so that your gift is not sent to the incorrect location. Replacement gifts are not available.

A gift for your birthday full of exclusive cosmetic goodies!
Yes, that’s right! When your birthday month rolls around keep an eye on the mailman because a special package will be on the way to you, from us!
Unfortunately we cannot guarantee it will arrive to you on your special day, however we do aim for dispatch at least two weeks prior.
Birthday parcels contain a small assortment of exclusive cosmetics/bath-body/perfume from several makers. A handful of other members will share the same gift as you, though we rotate the products around through the year, plus bringing in new items, to keep it fresh and fun! We do our best to have a variety of product in your gift as well :)

Receive a 50% off your first Emporium box!
When you join the Beauty Collective we will refund you for 50% of your next Emporium Beauty Box. This applies whether you are a current Emporium sub or wish to sign up in future. This is a manual task for us that we need to cross reference, so if for some reason you think you were accidentally missed or another error has happened – let us know ASAP and we’ll look after you.

Bonus samples in each Emporium box you purchase!
Section TBC

Access to the once-yearly Beauty Collective sale full of new exclusives and excess Emporium stock. This is for members only!
Members will see that upon joining, the Account section has additional areas you can access. Once yearly we take a bundle of new exclusives from a range of indie cosmetics/bath-body/perfume makers, plus any excess stock from the Emporium Beauty Boxes, and this is listed on the site but are only accessible to the Beauty Collective members. Additional details are TBC.

An exclusive store sale/promotion, three times a year!
The Beauty Collective members are provided with exclusive sales/promotions three times a year, that are not accessible to non-members.

First access to the capped-quantity Emporium box add-ons!
A few times a year we may offer ‘expansions’ to our Emporium Beauty Boxes. These are add-ons for a certain month that subscribers can purchase separately and are capped-quantity. The Beauty Collective members get the opportunity to purchase these before they are released to non-member subscribers.



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