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Museum Vrolik

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Museum Vrolik Unisex Oil | Summer 2018

{Clear / Oriental}
Frankincense, cardamom, nag champa, aged leather, glass cabinets and cold lights. Very sharp and clinical initially but wears down slightly oriental.

Our Summer 2018 fragrance selection is inspired by vintage ‘freakshow’ aesthetic – extraordinary conditions, human oddities and performances that were considered ‘shocking’ to viewers at the time. Possibly the largest collection of human deformities in one place, the University of Amsterdam’s anatomical and embryological museum began as the private teratological (the study of deformity, a popular subject for anatomists in the 18th and 19th centuries) collection of Gerardus Vrolik (1755-1859) and his son Willem Vrolik (1801-1863). Both were professors of anatomy at the Athenaeum Illustre, the predecessor of the University of Amsterdam.

Willem wrote extensively on deformities, including cyclopia, the pathogenesis of congenital anomalies, and conjoined twins. The collection was purchased by the city of Amsterdam in 1869 and eventually found its home at the university. Other anatomical collections have been added to the museum over the years, including a collection of bone pathology, a dental collection, and other teratological specimens. Since 1994, 150 specimens displaying anatomical oddities or deformations have been on display.

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Product Information

Ingredients: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (Fractionated Coconut Oil) + / –  Blended compounds of Aroma Chemicals, Resins, Essential Oils, CO2 Extracts, Absolutes, Accords, Attars, Fragrance Oil.
Size: Approx. 5ml net weight of product in a green glass vial with plastic rollerball applicator. Each unit is packaged in a sturdy black box for safekeeping and transit. We recommend a 12 month shelf life after opening.

Application and Uses

Our perfumes are best kept in a cool, dark location and well sealed. We recommend a 12 month shelf life after opening. All our perfumes are vegan, cruelty free and oil based (so non-alcohol based). Please do a spot test on your arm 24 hours prior to beginning regular usage. If at any time you experience a reaction or discomfort – as with ALL bath/body products – cease use immediately and consult with your GP :)

As is common with handmade perfume oils, the throw and lasting time will vary depending on the ingredients of each perfume in addition to your skin type. Unfortunately, each your chemistry does affect not only how long a perfume lasts on you but also how the scent wears over time.

We do not recommend this product for pregnant or breastfeeding women, nor children. External use only, do not apply to mucous membranes.

About Obscūrus

c. 1400, “dark,” figuratively “morally unenlightened; gloomy,” from Old French obscur, oscur “dark, clouded, gloomy; dim, not clear” (12c.) and directly from Latin obscūrus “dark, dusky, shady,” figuratively “unknown; unintelligible; hard to discern; from insignificant ancestors”.

obscūrus explores my interest in medieval history, ancient civilisations, unexplained phenomena on and off planet, the history of the stars, theology, alchemy, occultism, and fine art. Interlinked with my blooming experiments with fragrance; and colour play beyond the limitations I’ve had in cosmetic manufacturing. After two years of research and formulation specifically into bath and body products, I am taking my time introducing new items so that I can ensure they are perfect for me, and you.

– Sophie, Obscūrus owner

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