Rise Up

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A boldly colored bird of Greek myth, this symbol of renewal is the perfect inspiration for those wanting change. After burning up in the flames of its own making, the phoenix rises again from the ashes for a nearly endless cycle of life. This mystical bird was sometimes associated with the sun, depicted with feathers that gleamed in the golden and red hues of the sun itself.

Rise Up is a nod to the mythical phoenix soaring through an early evening sky. Featuring a dusty, slate blue crelly base, Rise Up is loaded with metallic flakes that shift from a deep, fiery red into burnt orange and burnished gold. At some angles, hints of green come into view, mimicking those flaming phoenix feathers. This crelly shade is great in two coats, but longer nails may prefer three.

Part of the PPU July Rewind! Available to 3pm AEST July 17th.

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