Rosa Arbor Crystal Infused Body Serum

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Rosa Arbor Organic Body Serum is a smooth, effective general purpose serum designed for ultimate nourishment for areas of dry skin. As suggested by the name, rosa Arbor carries the elegant aroma of fresh cut roses lifted by fresh lime which eases off and submits to the woody aroma of Australian sandalwood. The fragrance is light enough to be worn all day but still powerful enough to envelope your senses.
Rosa Arbor is 100% vegan and cruelty free. Our oil blend is kept light to allow your skin to breath, and with ‘dry’ oils instead of heavier ones, so they are absorbed quickly into the skin. The addition of phytosqualane which is derived from fruit of the olive tree is another treat for your skin as it acts as a natural barrier, lubricant and moisturiser. Because of this, you’ll notice it’s benefits right away.

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