Snake Oil – Lightweight Body/Hair Oil Spray


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Snake Oil by OHWTO.

Great for softening skin and taming frizzy hair! It’s a lightweight dry(ish) oil spray designed to deliver a layer of emolliencey to your skin in just a couple of quick spritzes.

Formulated as an after-shower (or bath) oil spray, this oil helps to seal in moisture when applied to still-damp skin, and using it in this manner it will help your bottle go a lot further than using it straight. However, it’s also wonderful when applied to dry skin, where it acts sort of like a light lotion. Another excellent use for this product is as a detangling, frizz smoothing spray, but go lightly, lest you make your just-cleaned hair look all greasy! Snake Oil is a multi-purpose workhorse that you’re sure to find plenty of uses for, so don’t be afraid to experiment!


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