Stocking Stuffer Scentcake

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Mintie Bean Scentcakes are large, decorated slabs of soy wax! These are cute as can be – and smell delicious – but are definitely not for you to eat :)

Fragrance: Christmas pudding, vanilla ice cream, sugared apples, caramel, orange and nuts. Stocking Stuffer is a limited edition fragrance, part of the Christmas 2019 release. It will not be restocked.
Stocking Stuffer Scentcakes have a pale pink base with white/pink/red/green embeds inside the base. The top is docrated with snowmen/candy canes/choclate boxes/stars/gingerbread men and golden shimmer. Each Scentcake is completely unique, no two are exactly identical. This is a 100% handmade product.

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