Tattooed Beauty

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Tattooed Beauty Perfume Oil | Summer 2018

{Sweet / Floral}
Egyptian musk and lilies, pewter hair pins and a bottle of absinthe. Very soft and light – like a cool, clear stream – with a touch of sweetness.

Our Summer 2018 fragrance selection is inspired by vintage ‘freakshow’ aesthetic – extraordinary conditions, human oddities and performances that were considered ‘shocking’ to viewers at the time. “The women afforded a peepshow, along with a freak show, because at that time women just didn’t show that much skin publicly, The tattoos gave them a reason to strip down and show their bodies. Certainly a number of people who came to see them were interested in the flesh as much as the art.” Margot Mifflin (Bodies of Subversion: A Secret History of Women and Tattoo)

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