Twilight Bark

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Enchanted Fables Volume 5 – Magical Items
Our fifth installment of our incredibly popular annual release, Enchanted Fables. Our 2021 release is themed around magical items from a selection of popular magical stories and fairytales. As with each Enchanted Fables release, these shades are limited edition and up for preorder one-time only.

Twilight Bark is a thermal with states of dusky, muted rose (hot), and deep murky blue (cold). It’s packed full of a soft copperish shimmer that glimmer gold and copper in the light. Just like Magician’s Fife and Sorcerer’s Hat, Twilight Bark is going to give some interesting transition colours depending on your application, nail length and climate. Some states can look a bit earthen-brownish, especially if the full cold state is not achieved. Opaque in 3 coats and we recommend finishing with a good quality, smoothing top coat like Seche Vite, Cirque Looking Glass or Glisten & Glow.
Most thermals are ideal to wear during winter (especially in colder regions that receive snowfall) as the transition will be more apparent; for example the cold will generate the darker blue state on your nail tips while your body temperature will generate the warm rose state on your nail beds. Please see all swatches to indicate how this polish could appear on you, depending on temperature and nail length.
As with all thermal shades ensure your unit is kept well sealed in a dark location. Thermal transitions slow over time (and eventually cease, usually after 1-3 years) so we always recommend using them sooner rather than later to get the most out of your bottle.

The “twilight bark” from 101 Dalmations is a whimsical notion that at the end of the day dogs pass messages in a daisy-chain fashion by barking which can carry detailed information, gossip, across hundreds of miles.

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