Arkan Sonney

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Peculiar Mystery is a limited edition capped quantity, mystery polish that is inspired by ghostly tales, unnatural happenings, strange phenomenon’s, urban legends and more.

Arkan Sonney – June 2022
In Manx folklore Arkan sonney (“lucky urchin” or “plentiful little pig”) is a type of fairy animal that takes the form of a white pig that brings good fortune to those who manage to catch it. It was even considered a favourable omen just to have seen the “lucky piggy”. It was also said that if you caught one you would always find a silver coin in your pocket.
In Fairy Tales From the Isle of Man (1951) by Dora Broome, the white pig is described as having red eyes and ears, and though it can alter its size it is not able to change its shape.

Spoiler: Crelly glitter.
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