Autumn Shadows


Spiced peach butter spread on sweet brown bread, a vase of chrysanthemums in the center of a mahogany table, a lingering hint of amber perfume. Part of the Fall Favourites Collection.

The morning light is changing from cold dawn to warm sunshine as you sit at your kitchen table, anticipating the treat of opening the first jar of peach butter from your summer canning. The lid gives a satisfying pop as you open it, and the aroma of sweet peach mingled with warm spices and a hint of citrus zest drifts through the air. You know just how it will taste even as you spread it on a piece of homemade brown bread, before you take the first bite. This is your grandmother’s recipe and it always reminds you of her. Fresh peaches cooked down with sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and clove. Perfection.

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