BanShee Better Werk

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BanShee Better Werk is a blurple tinted base that glows a deep blue in the dark. Part of the Scream Kween Collection!

Banshees have a bit of a bad reputation, with all that screaming, wailing, and foretelling of death. But they’re actually great to have at a Halloween event. They look the part, hit the high notes of any song, and most importantly, have that party-starting woo-girl energy.

To achieve an optimal glow-in-the-dark effect, this polish needs to be ‘charged’ with an external light source (such as sunlight or artificial light) for a few hours before it can properly glow. For best results, apply 2 coats over a light base colour. You may have VNL if worn alone, so we recommend using a blurring base coat if you want to avoid seeing your nail line.
All glow polishes (like thermals) deteriorate over time. Because of this, use your colour sooner than later!

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