Bell Witch

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Peculiar Mystery is a limited edition capped quantity, mystery polish that is inspired by ghostly tales, unnatural happenings, strange phenomenon’s, urban legends and more.

Bell Witch – March 2023
A legend from southern US, the Bell Witch tale centres on the Bell family who reportedly came under attack by an invisible entity that was able to shapeshift, converse with household members, and affect the physical environment around it. The haunting began sometime in early 1817, and accounts tell of the entity being able to cross vast distances at great speed, appearing as a dog or giant bird; the sounds of chains on the floor, knocking on walls and large dogs fighting; and clairvoyance. The Bell children also reported hair being pulled, and having sheets torn off the bed while sleeping. After apparently poisoning the patriarch, the witch left the home but reappeared 7 years later; then promptly left again after the remaining family members chose to ignore it 🤣

Spoiler: Shimmer glitter.
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