Beyond the Veil


Notes: ripe blackberries, sheer green roses, mist, wild-gathered herbs, white musk. Part of the Wild Fey Collection.

Silvery mists dissolve into a canopy of silhouetted branches. As you approach resolutely, the branches resolve themselves into a tangle of unearthly green roses and blackberry brambles bejeweled with ripe, glistening fruit, their briers forming a doorway into the unknown. Herbal offerings of vervain, basil, thyme, and rosemary add their scents to the intoxicating freshness of the air, and as you step into the covered passageway, the temperature drops and takes on a charged feeling as though fast-running water is nearby.

Sometimes a foray into the unknown is just what the spirit needs. Wearing this refreshing blend of sheer, green roses, crushed herbs, fresh blackberries, and white musk is like anointing oneself with the essence of spring. Herbaceous, clean, but with the enigmatic aura of a wild, vernal forest.

Earn up to 66 Loyalty Lustres.