Notes: crushed bluebells in a spring wood, lemon verbena and juniper, worn saddle leather, the smoking rubble of your enemy’s kingdom. Part of the Miss Behave Collection.

Fierce and fearless, you do not suffer fools lightly. And if a fool dares to make you suffer, they will live to regret it. You don’t mind if others find you a bit intimidating; in fact, if they would just leave you alone to do your thing, everyone could live happily ever after. If not? Well, fool around and find out.

An atmospheric floral that will transport you to a time when the air was crisp and clean (other than the drifting smoke from your enemies’ kingdom). You could be riding away from your conquest on your favourite horse, enjoying a moment of victory before your next slaughter. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Earn up to 66 Loyalty Lustres.