Brooding Wings


Spilled red wine, narcotic opium, wild fir branches, the leathery wings of a bat, black musk. The only thing missing is the stained fingers. Part of the Dracula Collection.

Loneliness will sit on our roofs with brooding wings.

You’ve crossed centuries to find a love that will tame your loneliness, right your wrongs, and make your dead heart beat again. And the years have been soaked in wine and drifted like the sweet smoke of forgetfulness.
Complex red wine with notes of berries and pepper blends with the narcotic sweetness of opium. Coniferous green fir branches tap at the window and shatter the illusion of sweetness to let in an animalistic musk. Intoxicating, sweet, and primal.

Earn up to 66 Loyalty Lustres.