Covert Base Coat with Aloe


Covert is a neutral, semi-opaque coloured base coat.

Its main purpose is to help eliminate any visible nail line ( VNL ) you may have when wearing sheer nail colours. It also doubles as a nail treatment with added Aloe extract, to help prevent damage and improve the quality of dry, peeling nails. Available in 3 different shades: #1 neutral, (#2 and #3 are discontinued), #4 is white, #5 is pink.

Continual use of a strengthening base coat like this one can have an undesired effect on the nails. If used for too long your nails may become brittle. To avoid this it is recommended to use this product for 3 weeks and on the fourth week use a non strengthening base coat. This will aid in preventing your nails from becoming brittle.

Earn up to 28 Loyalty Lustres.

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