Crystal Jelly

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Crystal Jelly is a beautiful sheer yet buildable teal green nail polish that invites you to experience the mysterious allure of the Crystal Jellyfish. This luscious colour delivers a rich, glass-like finish, sheer, yet full of depth, reminiscent of its namesake’s graceful glide through the water. A single coat gives your nails a translucent wash of colour, embodying the jellyfish’s delicate, near-transparent form. Layer on, and the teal deepens into a more complex and mesmerizing hue that evokes the ocean’s many mysteries. Each brushstroke invites you to sink deeper into this underwater narrative.

The true magic of the Jellyfish Journey collection lies not just in their inspired colours but also in their extraordinary versatility. These polishes are designed to be your go-to for any occasion, offering a range of looks as diverse as the jellyfish that inspired them. Best applied in 1-3 coats. Check out Starrily’s application tops below!

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