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Currant is a dramatic and decadent creamy deep purple that mirrors the depth of a late autumn evening. Brush on this rich, dark hue and bring an element of sophistication and mystery to your fall look. With the mystique of the changing season, Currant invites you to embrace the shadows under a moonlit autumn night.

Part of the Fall Serenade Collection, a 4-piece assortment of shades designed to carry the quintessential spirit of fall, bringing the season’s colours into a beautiful symphony on your nails. Whether it’s the warmth of Rosewood, the tranquillity of Pine, the sweetness of Caramel, or the drama of Currant, each polish sings its own serenade of fall.

Currant is part of ILNP’s Studio Colour class of solid colour-exclusive nail polishes meticulously designed for all nail enthusiasts, from beginners to experts. Each shade balances its own perfect harmony of pigmentation, buttery smooth application, and shine, enabling nail polish lovers of all skill levels to achieve salon-quality results.

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