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Notes: Meadow grasses waving in the wind, delicate wildflowers, fig leaf, iris, white tea. Part of the Magic in the Wind Collection.

Delicate grasses and tiny flowers sway in the gentle breeze as puffy white clouds float through a perfectly blue sky. You feel your spirits soar and your mind dance. Everything seems possible in this moment. Flight, true love, magic.

An ode to many such beautiful scenes in our favorite Studio Ghibli films. We paired the accords of meadow grass and wildflowers with notes chosen to represent the spirit of these dreamy and life-affirming stories. The milky green fig leaf note. The Japanese kanji for fig denotes a tree that bears fruit without flowering; the flowers of the fig tree are invisible because they grow inside the fruit. The beautiful Japanese iris, often featured in woodblock and other traditional arts, is believed to have purifying properties which ward off negative energy. And one of the rarest white teas, which is grown in Japan’s Miyazaki Prefecture.

Together, they remind us to look within, to transform whatever may come our way into something positive, and to treasure the beauty of nature and our own place in it. And, of course, to believe in magic.

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