Desert Goblin


Notes: pinyon pine essential oil, hot desert sands, marshmallow, sweet pumpkin flesh enrobed in warm pumpkin spice. Part of the Goblins release.

Some goblins require wide, open spaces, and you’re one of them. You’ve learned the hard way, you need plenty of room to breathe. The stark simplicity soothes your soul, and that connection with Mother Nature warms your heart.
Warm autumnal spices meld perfectly into the scent that naturally perfumes the desert of the southwest landscape. A complex, all natural wild-crafted pinyon pine essential oil adds its unique blend of conifer and fruity notes with a hint of creaminess.

Because of the high amount of natural resin in our marshmallow formula, you may see some separation. Just give the perfume oils a shake before applying.

Earn up to 66 Loyalty Lustres.