Elemental Tea Party


Notes: A swirl of autumn leaves on chilly air, brewed black tea with a discreet splash of whiskey, overturned earth, distant bonfires.

Earth, wind, fire, and water. Or in this case tea. Well, tea and a splash of whiskey. Deep in the autumn woods, you gather all the elements for a magical tea party. The wilder the wind and the more it swirls the autumn leaves up in the air, the happier you are.

Your favourite spot in the forest is just a meandering walk from the cottage, but it feel miles away from civilization, with no sounds but the rustle of forest creatures in the dry leaves and the wind through the branches. The air is chill but you’re wrapped in your favourite cardigan and the hot tea and whiskey warm you from the inside out while you sit enjoying the quiet and the sweet earthy smells of autumn.



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