Emerald Gala

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An ultra sparkly emerald green holographic glitter (in ultra-fine size) in a clear base. Can be worn alone as a topper over a base colour, or layered in 3-4 thin coats to build opacity. Part of the Winter Carnival Collection. Finish with a smoothing top coat as this shade will dry textured.


Amidst the whirlwind of excitement at the Winter Carnival, there lies an event of unparalleled magic: the Emerald Gala. As the evening unfolds, the Emerald Gala begins, transforming a section of the carnival into a glittering, green-hued wonderland. The venue is draped in rich, green fabrics, with strings of lights casting a soft, inviting glow. The air is filled with the sound of orchestral music, creating a serene atmosphere. The most breathtaking aspect of the Emerald Gala is the abundance of glittering green decorations. From the sparkling tablecloths to the luminescent garlands, every inch of the space shimmers with a radiant green light. This sea of green is punctuated by the elegant attire of the attendees, many adorned with glittering accessories that catch the light, adding to the gala’s magical ambiance. Guests waltz under a cascade of emerald lights, their movements creating a mesmerizing display of sparkling reflections.

Inspired by this captivating night, the ‘Emerald Gala’ nail polish is a tribute to the event’s luxurious essence. This polish is a bright, glittering green, embodying the elegance and vibrancy of the Emerald Gala.

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