Eternal Twilight

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Peculiar Mystery is a limited edition capped quantity, mystery polish that is inspired by ghostly tales, unnatural happenings, strange phenomenon’s, urban legends and more.

Eternal Twilight – June 2024
Inspired by the legend of the green children of Woolpit. Said to have appeared suddenly in the Suffolk village of Woolpit in the 12th century, the siblings were described to have unusual skin colour, only ate broad beans, and spoke an unknown language. Eventually the colour faded, but the boy was sickly and soon died. Once the sister learn English she explained her and her brother had come from a land where the sun never shone and the light was like twilight.

Spoiler: Iridescent flakes + reflective
Please note the image on this listing is not an indicator of the colour/finish that you will receive. It is for aesthetic only.

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