Firelight Study


Remnants of your pumpkin spice latte and vanilla scone crumbs on a rosewood desk, a wool blanket with the lingering scent of a cosy evening by the fireplace. Part of the Fall Favourites Collection.

You’re in your favorite spot in the library. Surrounded by towering rows of books that soar almost to the vaulted ceiling, near the ancient fireplace that flickers softly on this chilly fall day, and tucked out of sight of the librarian’s watchful eye. The study carrel is like your own nook, wood polished by generations of students. And it’s quite handy for sneaking in a pumpkin spiced latte and vanilla scone when you feel peckish. Which you do. Quite often. You feel so at home here that on long research days, you bring your designated library blanket along and wrap up in it while you read. This may be your favorite place in the whole world.

All the cosy fall vibes in a bottle. Sweet, warmly spicy gourmand notes are underpinned by the fuzzy blanket musk and balanced by the rich rosewood and smoke accords.

Earn up to 66 Loyalty Lustres.