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Notes: cardamom, amber honey in the comb, cinnamon + ginger, an opulent amber blended of precious resins and dark vanilla, henna flower, sandalwood incense. Part of the We Heart Cardamom Collection.

Mysterious, but cuddly. Maybe a bit intimidating the first time you meet, but once you warm up to them, a kindred spirit. A pal and a confidant. You’ll wonder, “where have you been all my life?” and also “how do I smell so amazing?”

Ambery resins blend with deep vanilla notes and a swoon-worthy honey spiked with spices. Combined with the beloved essence of henna flower and fragrant sandalwood, an amber for the ages. You love this if: you love vintage perfumes, you don’t mind it if people find you slightly intimidating, you think Hafiz is underrated.

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