Heart To Heart

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Heart To Heart is a creamy white nail polish complemented by an array of pink, purple, red, and white metallic flakes. Nestled in a creamy white base, Heart To Heart’s milky base embraces an assortment of colours reminiscent of Valentine’s Day. Pink, purple, red, and white metallic flakes blend within the light base, creating a harmonious love-filled shade.

Heart To Heart is part of the Sweetheart Bundle, a love-filled trio of assorted formulas in sweet and romantic shades inspired by Valentine’s Day. Ready to make an impression, Sweetheart embodies elements of delicate, sweet, and bold. Each shade designed with love in mind, from our hearts to yours. Be Mine is a magnetic effect nail polish, a standout formula with metal shavings that shimmer on their own but require a magnet to attract the metallic particles into their signature effect! We recommend 2-3 coats; finishing with Glass Candy Top Coat.

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