Holographic Vinyl Stickers


Our holographic vinyl stickers reflect all the beautiful shades of our rainbow right back atcha, perfect for your holo needs.

Three types are available, each with a unique finish and phrase:

  1. ‘I’m a Holo Fiend and an Iridescent Queen’ in a smooth soft-changing, silver holographic finish.
  2. ‘ Is it Sparkly? Then Yes… I Want it’ in a circular/spotted type of silver holographic finish.
  3. ‘My Life is all Glitter and Rainbows, Bech’ in a sharp changing, silver holographic finish.

Each sticker is holographic foil and white vinyl approximately 18cm x 6 cm in size. Although they can be affixed to glass please note fading may occur in direct sunlight. We recommend these for indoor use (so out of the weather) – perfect for your makeup case, fridge, notepad or desk (etc).

Earn up to 3 Loyalty Lustres.

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