Mysterious Fossils

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Notes: smoked black tea with creamy vanilla oatmilk, cashmere sweater, tortoiseshell glasses with clear, shiny lenses, and a warm cedar chest that contains fossils encased in amber, sandstone, and limestone.

You never know what you’ll find when you start digging. But you’re an adventurer born and besides, if things get too spine-chilling, you can always cozy up with a nice big cup of tea and your favorite sweater. That smoky blend you smuggled in from the Fujian province is what you’ve brewed for an evening contemplating the dusty box of mysterious fossils you recently obtained. Something tells you this is a special find indeed.
Smoky black tea blends with creamy, sweet vanilla oatmilk and fluffy cashmere notes that wrap around you like a cozy blanket. But this isn’t just any gourmand. Mineral notes and fossilized amber, warm cedarwood, and – yes, we said it – a tortoiseshell glasses accord balance out the sweetness and create a fascinating and addictive perfume.
This dreamy, delightful fragrance was the suggestion of our Facebook group member Mandy S. If you haven’t joined us to nerd out about perfume, tea, and books – now’s your chance!

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