Nutcracker Prince


Notes: black walnuts, dry woods, flecks of vanilla bean, cozy musk, a dash of cardamom, frankincense, and black pepper. Part of the Nutcracker Sweet Collection.

This dashing, unique prince brings the scent of black walnuts to the party, and we are more than a bit smitten with him. Woodsy and aromatic with notes of citrus and green, and nuttiness (of course), and oh so intriguing. We can’t stop going back in for another sniff when we have this one on, so be warned that wearing it may lead to compulsive wrist huffing. If you find traditional gourmands too femme, you’ll enjoy the genderfluid, somewhat savory walnut note, perfect for going to war while wearing tights.

Earn up to 66 Loyalty Lustres.