Peach Tiara


Notes: peach iced tea, honeysuckle, sun warmed skin, and crisp white petticoats. Part of the Summer Reign Collection.

In a swirl of floaty organza dresses and petticoats, you and your friends lounge on a massive picnic blanket littered with pillows, surrounded by a dream of a summer garden. You’ve already eaten the delicate cucumber sandwiches. sweet strawberries, and many slices of an elegantly frosted cake, and are now sipping crisply cold peach iced tea from champagne flutes, admiring each other’s tiaras, and contemplating all of the correct life choices that have led you to this moment.
Get the vibe of a royalcore picnic with none of the work (or the bugs). One part princess, and one part 90s nostalgia; if this were an accessory, it would be a black velvet choker. Peachy, nostalgic, and playful.

Earn up to 66 Loyalty Lustres.