Rainy Days

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Embrace the moodiness of a storm-laden sky with Rainy Days. A gorgeous denim blue base reflects the beauty of overcast skies weighed down with the promise of rain. Intensified by a silver-to-teal iridescent flakie shimmer and twinkling holographic flakes, Rainy Days is sure to have you dreaming of the dance of raindrops on a gloomy day.

Rainy Days is part of the Overcast Collection a set of 6 enchanting flakie shimmer shades reminiscent of a rain-kissed winter day. Each shade is meticulously crafted to evoke the various moods and moments of winter’s ever-changing canvas. Let the play of soft hues and shifting shimmers transport you to a world where raindrops sing a melody amongst the clouds.

Rainy Days is a flakie shimmer effect nail polish, an ethereal formula defined by iridescent flakes seated within a translucent jelly meant to build a captivating depth that effortlessly glimmers through every applied layer. We recommend 2-3 coats for the ideal finish.

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