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Double Loyalty Lustres!

Rare Tinsels are an extension of our Tinsel Collections; duochrome/multichrome satin and foil-like finishes that mimic mylar wrapping, rainbows in sunshowers, carnival glass, crystalline window hangings and basically encompass everything we love about shiny baubles.

A redwood brown base with striking green-teal shifting glass-like shimmer. We recommend 2-3 coats. Please note the pigment used for this shade may result in some superfine specks, which should ‘melt’ out during application (if you have any at all). We have done our best to mill it out during manufacture, and swatchers did not report any issues.

This colour is exclusive to our Fiendling Membership. Non-members will not be able to purchase this item.
You can click here to read more about the membership; or if you would like to join (it's free) click here to visit our Facebook group where you can join the membership via the group files.