Sled Day

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Sled Day is a light grey holographic jelly that sparkles like freshly fallen snow under the warm glow of holiday lights. Sled Day is a sparkling light grey holographic jelly that brings the magic of a chilly day filled with laughter and snowy traditions straight to your fingertips. Precisely accented with just the right touch of holographic micro-flakes, this shade effortlessly glides on like fresh snow on a sledding hill. With each velvety coat, it crafts an irresistible depth reminiscent of a cosy winter’s day. Let your nails sparkle and shine like fresh-fallen snowflakes and embrace the joyous spirit of the season with Sled Day.

Sled Day is part of the Home for the Holidays Collection, a set of 6 joyous holographic jelly polishes that shimmer and sparkle like the twinkle of festive lights, effortlessly embodying the festive spirit with every brushstroke. Whether you’re reminiscing cherished moments or creating new ones, each shade will wrap your nails in the cosy, heart-warming feelings of the holiday season. Easily built up or sandwiched, the sheer formula of our jellies make way for our scattered holographic micro-flakes to work their magic all the way through each layer right down to your nails! The end result is a super crisp and sparkly finish with unmistakable depth. We recommend 2-3 coats for the ideal finish.

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