Notes: freshly baked buttery rolls filled with cardamom-spiked sugar and drizzled with a sweet glaze of vanilla and condensed milk, a small cup of sweet black tea. Part of the We Heart Cardamom Collection.

Imagine yourself in the cosiest of rooms, a crackling fire inside, softly falling snowflakes outside. Your favourite person in the world is with you, and you’re catching up over freshly baked kardemummabulle and tea. (Also, you’re Swedish and totally know that means “cardamom buns.” You look great in a sweater, probably.)

So maybe we’re not actually fluent in Swedish. But an endearment that literally means “cute nose” and comes from the land of cardamom lovers? How could we resist adding it our most cardamomolithic of collections? This perfume is a gourmand cardamom dream. You love it if: you love happiness, you love fragrances that make you want to eat your own arm, you know what fika means.

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